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 Character Sheet: Tahira Ali

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PostSubject: Character Sheet: Tahira Ali   Character Sheet: Tahira Ali I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 23, 2009 1:22 am

A note: The following profile is formatted like an FBI file, and so the first portion of it may contain jargon unnecessary to read the rest of the profile, which contains pertinent information on the character in question. To understand abbreviations, just PM me about them, and I’ll be happy to let you know what any particular abbreviation means.

One further note: This character’s setting is modern (literally, a few years into the future) and realistic (real world), only slightly altered to allow for two fictitious locales (as in Princess Diaries, The Terminal, and The Interpreter.

One last note: At least two other routinely used characters of mine are mentioned in the below profile, as a matter of reference. Any other character/name mentioned belongs to one or another character of mine. For further information, again, just ask.

Oh! I lied. One last thing: don’t try to email the address for Natalie. Please.


Case No. 199-HQ-915839


April 23, 2019





At the request of SOG, I have distilled the extensive dossier on SUB Tahira Ali (WAS), currently incarcerated at the FHD in Florence, to a mere nine pages, for easy reference by any FBI employee or other reader, referencing the preceding EW, the BOP CI file, court transcripts, the SR interrogation transcript, the████████████████████████████, and other memos from their respective ORI.

The following enclosure is an epigrammatic overview of SUB Tahira Ali (WAS), provided without FBI jargon and abbreviations inasmuch as possible, in order to facilitate utilization and readability.


[size=150]Natalie Elisabeth Schultz[/size]

Natalie Elisabeth Schultz
Special Agent in Charge
FBI Legal Attaché
Embassy of the United States
Kabul, Afghanistan

Enclosures: (1)


Identity Particulars


- Attachment removed -
(05-14-2014 file photo, Federal Bureau of Prisons)

Full Name: Tahira Ali
Given Name: Elan Tahera Almontaser
Aliases: Shaykhah Tahira Ali, Fatimah bint Batya, Soraya Khan, Salima al-Rasul, Taliya Asfah
Age/DOB: 69, 05-12-1950
Gender: Female
US Marshals Number: 82594-022
FBI Number: 51946WC8
Race: Caucasian, non-Hispanic
Ethnicity: Uighur (father), Italian Jew (mother)
Skin Tone: Olive
Height: 4'10" (58 inches)
Weight: 85
Build: Slim
Eyes: Gray
Hair: White, of length to just beyond bust

General Description: High cheekbones and a prominent Widow's peak, long nose, pale eyes have a slight almond shape with crow's feet.

Scars, Marks, Piercings, and Tattoos: Scar on left shoulder, scar on left hip, no piercings, no tattoos


(2) Attachments removed
(05-14-2014 file photographs of scars – Federal Bureau of Prisons)

Criminal History:

Arrests: 06-13-2013 (FBI)
Alleged Crimes: Murder in the first degree (18 counts), conspiracy against the United States, conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism against public officials
Plea: Defendant stood mute
Adjudication: Guilty as charged
Date of Adjudication: 03-26-2014
Sentencing Court: U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia
Presiding Judge: Hon. Miriam Kashani
US Attorney: Evan S. Drummond
Defense Counsel: Katherine Gilliam
Sentence: Death

Beliefs and National Origin

Religion: Theist, but not adhering to any particular doctrine or established religious system of belief
Political affiliation: Apathetic
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Education: Secondary school (completed)
Languages spoken: Arabic, English (not fluently), Latin (archaic)
Citizenship: United States of America (also previously Mutalistan, but later stripped thereof)
Nationality: Mutali
Place of Birth: Washington DC, USA

Personal Profile:

Interests: Mathematics, philosophy
Hobbies: Inmate observed Reading philosophy texts, some in Arabic; family reported affinity for mathematics
Known Phobias: None on record
Skills or Abilities: Able to create Arabic calligraphy, has memorized significant portions of the Bible and Qur'an, is able to read Latin
History of Significant Health Problems: Uncorrected mild myopia
History of Mental Health Problems: None
General Demeanor: Interrogation and trial transcripts and FBOP daily logs reveal a quiet, unassuming nature on behalf of the subject, who speaks at will when spoken to, but otherwise is distant from others and lacking in significant relationships. She does not fully appreciate the legal consequences of her actions, and shows symptoms of clinical depression, narcissistic personality disorder, and anti-social disorder, though several independent psychiatrists and psychologists have diagnosed no mental disorder.

Current Status:

Address: USP Florence ADMAX, U.S. Penitentiary, Highway 67 South, Florence CO 81226
Custody: Federal Bureau of Prisons
Sentence: Death
Marital Status: Single, never married
Occupation: Unemployed inmate
Smoking: No
Alcohol Usage: None
Illegal Drug Usage: None

Related Persons of Interest:


(Extended family beyond nephews and nieces not included, as well as other non-immediate family members with whom the subject had little contact)

Father: Shasta Wadiri Almontaser, aka Zhang Xi Wang, Abdullah Zafar, Caleb Johnson; anti-Mao political journalist (deceased)

Mother: Dr. Beatrice Marie Anandini, aka Helena Gonnerman, Batya Shir, Raheema Khan; philosophy professor (deceased)

Siblings: Professor David Basam Almontaser (older brother); Chair of the Mathematics Department (MIT)

Spouse: Never married

Children: None

In Laws: Professor Sarah Janette Moore (sister in law); physicist and physics professor (MIT)

— Rev. Hilkiah James Almontaser (nephew); Baptist pastor in West Virginia
— Mordecai Edwin Almontaser (nephew); mid-level corporate executive
— Bilhah Amani Almontaser (niece); freelance artist, landscape surrealism
— Dr. Hagar Elan Almontaser (niece); psychologist specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorders
— Reuben Shasta Almontaser (nephew); military interrogator assigned to Guantánamo

Extended Family:
— Sumitra Wurud Almontaser (aunt; Shasta's sister), aka Solara Asfah; Christian missionary and seamstress (deceased)
— Saleh Wahid Almontaser (uncle; Shasta’s brother), attorney (deceased)
— Miriam Almah Anandini (aunt; Beatrice’s sister), secretary
— Lydia Ruth Anandini (aunt; Beatrice’s sister), nurse
— Patricia Josephine Anandini (aunt Beatrice’s sister), teacher
— Dr. Alia Asfah (cousin; Sumitra/Solara's daughter); Nobel Chemistry Prize laureate (deceased)
— Jai Asa (cousin; Beatrice's sister's daughter); human rights activist, Senatorial aide
— Dr. Louis Aimee (first cousin once removed; Jai's husband); criminology professor (Howard University)
— Ilana Aimee (second cousin; Jai's daughter); doctoral candidate, creative writing (Amherst University)
— Kami Nobuko (second cousin; Alia's daughter); graduate student of early childhood development (Suffolk University)
— Detective Baoyehn Ma (second cousin once removed; Kami's father), aka Kevin Ma; Boston homicide detective

Known Associates (former and current):
— Carlos Hodgson (former partner); private sector consultant, former public official (Mutalistan, former Ánár Tynan)
— Usama bin Ladin, criminal associate
— Ibrahim El Ghamri, criminal associate
— Yamin Noor Attab, criminal associate
— Arabella St. Claire, criminal associate
— Joseph Clark, criminal associate
— Katherine Rachael Gilliam, public defender
— Gray Herbert Sanderson, public defender
— Lydia Kiernan, human rights activist

Biographical Remarks:

(Although much of this information was first revealed during the initial interrogations of the subject, it has all been confirmed with various independent sources and methods.)

On May 12, 1950, Elan Tahera Almontaser was born in Washington DC to two asylum seekers, Shasta Wadiri Almontaser, a Chinese Uighur dissident journalist, and his wife, Dr. Beatrice Anandini, a professor of Western philosophy in Communist China. At this time, the Almontasers’ older son, David, had recently graduated from West Nottingham Academy, and was enrolled at MIT as an undergraduate student.

The Almontasers were persecuted by Mao Zedong, and sought to escape his clutches in America; however, they possessed a certain sense of paranoia and so decided to take the entire family into hiding under various assumed names. The only family member exempted was David, of his own volition. The Almontasers approached Shasta’s half-sister, Sumitra, a Christian missionary to adopt Elan outside established legal protocols, as though the child were her own. Once Sumitra agreed to do so, she adopted assumed names on her and Elan’s behalf, and relocated to East Ánár Tynan (now Mutalistan).

Ánár Tynan was predominantly Moslem Arabs and Persians, with a few Pashtun tribesmen in the Northeast. Its government was an oligarchy composed of European Christians who imposed restrictive laws on the indigenous inhabitants. Sumitra (now Solara Asfah), relocated with the blessings of Hope International Missions, an Evangelical missions organization, with Elan (now Tahira Ali) in tow. Within a few weeks of her move, Asfah was sexually assaulted and impregnated. She gave birth to a daughter, whom she named Alia.

Alia Asfah and Tahira Ali were raised by Asfah without outside aid, as the missionary never married. Asfah was also socially ostracized in the conservative community as a direct result of her rape and bastard daughter. Alia possessed superior intellect, and was offered a scholarship to Tokyo International Academy, where she was a boarding student through her early graduation. In Ánár Tynan, Tahira Ali was offered a scholarship to the local Catholic school on behalf of Asfah’s work for Christ. She was a quiet student who rarely participated in class discussions, excelling in math, but performing poorly in the humanities. Tahira Ali graduated with average, if somewhat mediocre, grades in 1968.

In 1965, Tahira Ali met Carlos Hodgson, a young public official in Ánár Tynan. Their acquaintanceship blossomed into a quiet romance, kept in check by the conservative traditions of the community. In July 1986, Hodgson was appointed to the legislative body, a high council, of Ánár Tynan, during the high point of increasing tensions with anarchist rebels and terrorists threatening to overthrow the European ruled regime. The two last saw each other on August 3, 1968, the same day a full scale revolution broke out.

According to the subject, Tahira Ali fled Ánár Tynan later that day. She murdered a family of six, the Abdel Rahman family, and the American reporter, James Elliott, who was escorting the Abdel Rahman family out of the country, to avoid certain death at the hands of the violent revolutionaries. Within two weeks, the European regime disintegrated, Hodgson fled, and the nation was rechristened Mutalistan. In six months time, Sabir Uttar, a charismatic atheist, would take the reins of leadership and establish a dictatorship that fell thirty-eight years later, in 2006.

Tahira Ali took several trains to the Northwest, emerging in Germany a month later, where she murdered thirteen more victims, including US Senator Jordan Normandeau, who had been nominated for the presidency, Catholic Cardinal Srgjam Doshi, and Mohammed Ntamuhanga, the president-elect of Tanzania. She left Germany after another month, arriving in France where she murdered two women, before boarding a transcontinental flight to America under the name Fatima bint Batya.

It was shortly after this that J. Edgar Hoover decided to add Tahira Ali to the FBI Ten Most Wanted List, making her the first woman to be included in the relatively new program. The original reward for her capture was $1 million.

The subject arrived in New York City where she murdered two Americans, one a police officer, before traveling on foot across the country. After this date, the subject disputes which murders she actually committed. Tahira Ali is believed to have murdered at least two dozen others in at least eight other states before traveling abroad once more.

She has been implicated in a number of bombings of churches, synagogues, and interfaith meetings, both domestically and abroad. In 1998, Tahira Ali met with Usama bin Ladin in Pakistan, a meeting attended by Ibrahim El Ghamri, who later became a critical defector for counterterrorism operatives.

According to the subject, Tahira Ali lived in Bethasfah, an island that became an American territory in 1996, and where███████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████
███████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ until 2006, when Alia Asfah died in an unfortunate accident. In 1996, Alia Asfah gave birth to a daughter, Kami Nobuko, whose birth and preceding pregnancy were kept secret from the general public and the father, the other participant in a one night stand.

After 2006, Tahira Ali states that she became Kami’s sole provider and guardian, albeit outside the law or any legal scrutiny. In June 2013, POTUS Charles Maynard was assassinated, alongside his daughter, Lainey, and a letter claiming responsibility mailed to FBI Headquarters, signed by Tahira Ali. Within two days, the FBI received a phone call from Kami, who had decided to turn in her surrogate mother.

The Hostage Rescue Team was dispatched, along with senior case agent Natalie Schultz of the Tahira Ali task force, to apprehend Tahira Ali. She offered no resistance, and was taken into custody in Honolulu, HI, flown to the mainland the following day, where the subject was detained in USP Hazelton in West Virginia.

Interrogations were initiated that same week, with SAS Natalie Schultz and Cassandra Schwartz questioning, and SAS John Rutledge and Zakariyyah Elaraby observing. During interrogation, the subject confessed with minimal prompting to most of the above mentioned murders, but emphatically denied involvement in any bombings, terrorist plots, or the assassination of the President. She also revealed the circumstances of her birth, debunking common assumptions that Tahira Ali was her given name and Ánár Tynan her birthplace, and prompting a side investigation into her claims, which were validated.

During her arraignment, Tahira Ali stood mute, and a not guilty plea was entered on the defendant’s behalf. She was assigned a public defender, Katherine Gilliam, who worked with two other attorneys in the public defender’s office to prepare the case for her client. US Attorney Evan S. Drummond personally took the subject’s case for prosecution, and after a five month long trial from November 2013 to March 2014, the jury found the subject guilty of all charges. Two months later, at the conclusion of a sentencing hearing that would last two weeks, Judge Miriam Kashani pronounced a death sentence on the defendant, who was then assigned a new attorney for the appeals stage of her case, Gray Sanderson, also of the public defender’s office.

Tahira Ali was incarcerated in ADX Florence, the federal super maximum prison facility where all other terrorist prisoners outside of military custody are confined. This placement was by special exception from the Attorney General, Naazmat Chakladar, as ADX Florence has previously been an all-male facility. In ADX Florence, Tahira Ali is████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████
████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ special designation.

Her appeals were exhausted this month, and a final execution date of August 21, 2019 has been set by the same court that handed down the subject’s original sentence. At this time, Gray Sanderson, David Almontaser, and Kami Nobuko are the three attendees specified on the prisoner’s behalf. The FBI has ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████
████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ .

There is an oily stain on the last page of this document, and if one looks closely, and with the proper materials, they might see Natalie Schultz's grocery list imprinted from a page written on while leaning on this document. Attached to the staple by accident is a photocopy of a handwritten sheet which reads:

Tahira Ali wrote:

The twenty-ninth day of the fifth month in the year of our Lord two thousand and ninteen [sic]

May the grace and peace of the Lord be with you. Tahira Ali, daughter of Shasta Wadiri Almontaser, to Carlos Hodgson, beloved, dearest friend. May this letter find you in good health and prosperous times.

It was much labor I put into the writing of this epistle, for I feared you might not even open the envelope to see what words I may have to say to you. But yearning won out over fear, and so with great ardor I have penned this, in the most difficult of times. It was long coming, my own understanding of self, and instigated during my own interrogation six years earlier (the question asked concered [sic] the nature of my greatest fear), but now that I think I know what it is I most fear, I have no other recourse but to write you directly.

Though the years are many since I last saw you, and you I, I find it imparative [sic] we meet again, even as I am imprisoned in America. I have been condemned by man and the date of my death is imminent. They say it is close coming, and I know it shall come to pass. The mercy of God is infinite; that of man capricious and wary. But I ask not your mercy, nor your forgiveness. I ask only your presence. If nothing more, beloved, I believe I deserve at least that.

I have been told that in order to initiate this process, you must fill out the attached paperwork and return it to the prison authorties [sic]. Please, do not tarry, the date they have set is the twenty-first day of the eigth [sic] month of this same year. And if you should choose not to see me, then, kindly offer me the courtecy [sic] of a response.

Grace and peace be multiplied unto you, in the name of the Lord God.

Tahira Ali,
signed and sealed this twenty-ninth day of the fifth month

There is nothing further to speak of.
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Ah, accepted. Again.

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Character Sheet: Tahira Ali
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