The forum to the IAR (Infinite Anime Room), the infamous Meebo role playing room, here you will find the same type of people, only for those of you who are more suited for a Para type role play.
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 Wenzie Sinclair.

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PostSubject: Wenzie Sinclair.   Wenzie Sinclair. I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 22, 2009 7:40 pm

Wenzie Sinclair. Fresse ~.Wєnzíє lєє Sínclαír.~Wenzie Sinclair. Fresse
Daughter of Queen Maerdyn Sinclair & Rurik Ichiikuro.[ The two don't know each other. ]

"Fuck my life!"
"Oh Shucks!"
" Razzle dazzle! "
" Oh shit son!"

Wenzie Sinclair. Random_anime_girl____by_Shivawolf1

Wenzie Sinclair. Alien {Basics.~ } Wenzie Sinclair. Alien

-Birth Name;
Wendy Lee Sinclair.

[ Prefers ; Wenzie Sinclair. ]


Jinx, Jinxie,Wenz, Wenzie, Bear, Cupcake, Jeff, Jake, Moof.


[ Just turned.] 16.



-Sexual Orientation;



Maerdyn House.



Wenzie Sinclair. Confused {Physical.~} Wenzie Sinclair. Confused

Emerald. [ silver hues tend to show, also.]




Slender, medium-bust. Curvy hips.


High cheeks bones. Straight hair line.




103 lbs.

Wenzie Sinclair. Icon_sunny {Personality.~} Wenzie Sinclair. Icon_sunny

This female right here, tends to keep to herself. Wenz would often be caught swinging on the massive hunk of wood, hung by ropes on the Sinclair tree. She loves it, adores it, etc. Her personality revolves around the important individuals in her life, and somewhat of a fighter-type gal. She loves to try out new weapons, and what-not. Always speaking out her honest-opinion, rude-or-not. Sugar-coating, tends to falter from her, most of the time. Mmn, if there is something interesting that sparks a twinkle in her eye, then yes, she will state her opinion. If there is someone, Wenz dearly loves, that needs her, yes she will do everything she can to be there for that person. Though she does..bite? She does have bright colors to her dark aura

Wenzie Sinclair. Affraid {Appearance.~} Wenzie Sinclair. Affraid

The youngest Sinclair sister ; often forgets about the traditional cargo-pants & tank top. Oh, and the switch blades. Wenzie ; revolves around different outfits everyday, always with her .500 Magnum, Long-Revolver holstered on her right. With multiple switch blades in her pockets. Oh, and you can not forget about " Jeff."[also her nickname.] Jeff, is her broadsword, which she keeps sheathed upon her back. High-cheek bones, and clear olive skin, bring out her emerald optics, which have a soft tint of silver in the hues. Her jet-black hair comes into a pixie-cut halo around her angelic complexion.

[Want to message Wenzie? Contact this sn [ on meebo ] > Sentimental.Heart < Please! she will be very honored to speak to you.~ ]

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PostSubject: Re: Wenzie Sinclair.   Wenzie Sinclair. I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 23, 2009 2:01 am

Great pic Wenz! Hope you also enjoy your stay, happy b-day again! Accepted.

Zuya~ Wenzie Sinclair. Icon_rr

Wenzie Sinclair. Iy016 Wenzie Sinclair. Fireheart176x220


Unf city, give me shout!~ 8D
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Wenzie Sinclair.
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