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 Define: Rishu

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PostSubject: Define: Rishu   Define: Rishu I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 19, 2009 6:10 pm

Name: Rishu Ichiikuro
Nickname(Optional): Nightmare
Age: 509
Race/Species: Human/Vampire/Demon
Sexual Orientation: M
Hometown: ???
Occupation: ???
Eyes: Amethyst
Hair: Grey
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 125lbs

Description: Rishu is very docile and is very hard to provoke, at least physically. He is very outgoing and even though he has a mouth, He is intimidating to the meet, but to get to know him, he becomes more gentle, making more sense to be the way he is. There is a lot unkown about this man from the naked eye. Having only one Brother who is younger than him, Kazuya, his parents died, his father in a war, his mother of old age, ever since, he has lived on do to his one burden, being a Vampire. His Eye mysteriously kinda always hidden, his right one, hidden by his hair most the time, is a bright red Three Tomoe Sharingan, as he saw a dying Uchiha in the war, fought with his father, he couldn't let it go to waste. His other eye though is a brilliant Amethyst hue.


Define: Rishu Creature_by_kissmyangelictears

^-(Note: His wings aren't usually never there, he only summons them in his Semi Final form.)

Weapon of Choice: Usually the OrotiAgito(Having the mind of it's own, it can make it's own movements having it's own Soul, it can heal, and ressurect, also, if this Sword is to give the killing blow to an opponent, it encases their soul inside the sword, never to be found again.), If in fights will mostly though use his bare fists, but tends to learn to other weapons including his Schofield Revolvers, his Bow and Arrow, his Daggers Sange and Yasha, Or his prized possession, his M82A1 his Father gave him During the war Secretly.

Special Ability: Having Amazing speed, being almost next to none and reaction time, Very little is know about what Rishu is exactly, He oddly for some unkown original constantly has around 10,000Volts of Electricity that gives of a distinct Amethyst glow in his body, his Strength isn't unbridled, but it is inhuman to say the least, He has a Semi Final Form, Causing Wings to Materialize, Fangs to grow out more, eyes to glow, Light to dim, wind to blow, his voice changes almost sounding like three people. Claws grow, and his strength greatly increases, to Broly like status.) This rarely happens ever, ever, and afterwards, an unkown mixture happens in his blood, his body revolts against itself painfuly, fighting itself from the inside out. The longer he stays in this state the worse it is, if he stays in it too long...
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PostSubject: Re: Define: Rishu   Define: Rishu I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 23, 2009 4:29 am

Booyah, accepted!

Define: Rishu Iy016 Define: Rishu Fireheart176x220


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Define: Rishu
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