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 Define Character: Kilk

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Kilk Uchiha

Kilk Uchiha

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PostSubject: Define Character: Kilk   Sun Sep 20, 2009 6:26 pm

Kilk is a very laid back caring person, he makes people laugh and respects everyone except for some people. He usually is being nice or having fun but there are times when he is different, He is sometimes darker or just blank. Usually those are times he is in need of help and is hoping a close friend will come help him

Eye Color: Green
Favorite Color: Green
Hair Color: Black, refer to the picture silly goose.
Aura: Green
Lifestyle: Black! Oh wait I mean green
Personality: Guess?
Occupation: Hanging with friends, a low paying job.
Sexuality: Who is asking?
Relationships: My cat snuggles
Weapons: Ling Sheng Sung Staff, Nikari Emerald Green Blade (They both are spawned by his Aura)
Partners: Zero.
A partner is some one Kilk forms a provisional contract with which increases his spell casting within magic and the partner is also empowered in three different possible ways. Their costume changes based on how he sees them in his heart.

Powers: Green Aura: Allows items to spawn at hand, healing of others, and the form of barriers with in places. Mystic Kilk: Aura empowers Kilk increasing every one of his attributes Dramatically. Emerald Zone: Aura takes over the area allowing manipulation of objects. Wind Empowerment: Allows the controlling of wind. Also can cast minor other elemental spells with his Mage training.
Backstory: That is something you find out as you get to know Kilk
He is spontaneous

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PostSubject: Re: Define Character: Kilk   Wed Sep 23, 2009 1:55 am

Nice seeing you here Kilk, greatly appreciated, enjoy your time, and lets help get this thing moving. Accepted.



Unf city, give me shout!~ 8D
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Define Character: Kilk
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