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 Case File: Liza Illia

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Case File: Liza Illia Empty
PostSubject: Case File: Liza Illia   Case File: Liza Illia I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 21, 2009 9:49 pm

"If you lay down with the dogs, you'll get up with fleas."

Case File: Liza Illia Pbucket

My birthcertificate read:: Liza Kataara Illia.
Friends and relatives call me:: Liz, Liiza, Kat, Liza~bear.
My birthday cake had:: Twenty-one candles.
A basic look at me says I'm:: Unknown.
I like to chase those:: Boys. Just...boys.
I grew up in:: A little town called, Noneya.
My job happens to be:: Unemployed. But I'm always looking.

Eyes are the key to the soul:: Golden orbs with touches of honey around the iris.
Beauty behind the hair:: Shoulder-length dark brown hair. Side-swept bangs.
Looks only matter for shallow people:: Pale skinned, slim, slender, athletic, medium bust, slightly curvy hips.
Such a pretty face:: A tiny scar touches the corner of her mouth.
I'm not fat:: 120 lbs.
I'm not short, either:: Five foot seven and a half inches.

I carry these with me at all times:: Two elbow swords, a messanger bag [which is slightly endless. I can put anything in there and it'll fit], goggles, a few daggers [2, total], and an endless supply of hairties.

The mask is a precious thing::
Having a petite figure for such a tall girl, she's often called names that don't actually fit her. She has a belly button ring, that she usually keeps hidden under a coat. Her stomach is flat, with a little bit of a trace of muscles. Her arms and legs are long and slender, causing her to look a bit lanky. Her hair is usually kept up, out of her face. So, hats, hairties, etc. are much needed. Shoes aren't something she thrives on, so she prefers to go barefoot. Liza tries hard to hide the feminine qualities she has, but when need be, she'll wear little to nothing. And that doesn't mean nothing. She always covers her legs with some kind of pants. And wears tank tops. That's her verion of little to nothing.

Behind that mask is a whole different story::
Underneath her rough exterior is a proud, stubborn girl. She is abnormally brave, with sort of a want to die. When she's not arguing with someone, she's humming a song and trying to keep from breaking down. She is excessively OCD in her work and will stop at nothing to finish a task. Liz has always had a thing for keeping her issues in check. Meaning, she doesn't like chaos. Aside from all these things, Liza is dependable. She hates to lie; her issues with that coming from a poor childhood. While she's truthful, she tends to assume things quite terribly. It's one of her faults. Growing attached to people is another fault. She falls too fast. Liza has attention issues. But, get her attention in a fight, and she'll probably give it her all. One of her least favorite things to do is lose. She holds grudges badly and tends to get get jealous easily. One of her better sides is the side that cares. She's sort of motherly in that way; she doesn't like seeing sad people.

All those words aside, Liza has issues with making friends. In fact, she's always had a minimal amount of friends. She'll always have this flaw. It's not that she's unable, she chooses to ignore people and they choose to ignore her. It's a balance of life. This causes her to be a little on edge at all times.

"I'll just have to wear a flea collar, I s'pose."
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PostSubject: Re: Case File: Liza Illia   Case File: Liza Illia I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 23, 2009 12:37 am

Thumbs up, m'friend, thumbs up! Smile
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Case File: Liza Illia
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