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 Let the Appreciation Begin!

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PostSubject: Let the Appreciation Begin!   Let the Appreciation Begin! I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 03, 2009 2:56 am

Alright! Now literature is my forte, that which I have a proclivity toward, that domain which I dive into often to swim around in for a while and that which I would gladly become 'aquatic' for.

-Cough.- Alright, so my metaphors leave alot to be desired. >>

On to the sub section of literature I want to call to your attention! Poetry!

Pardon my wording. Poetry is not 'sub-' or under anything, no! I happen to love poetry. [ My home away from IAR ] defines 'POETRY' as "the art of rhythmical composition, written or spoken, for exciting pleasure by beautiful, imaginative, or elevated thoughts."

Of course, everyone has their opinion. I think poetry is that certain combination of words that simply leads to an epiphany. Or not even, because poets [ That, of course, do qualify ] like Dr. Seuss [ Lol ] and Shel Silverstein aren't exactly renowned for their inspiring works.

But they are beloved! Poetry is simply something that tugs at something deep inside of you [ be it your soul, or your intestines, whatever you believe is in there ] and leaves some sort of effect. At least in my opinion.

Now then! On to the poetry I encourage the majority of you to enjoy! Or, rather, that I hope you will enjoy and therefore I encourage you to read!

About two weeks ago, I was introduced to an American playwright known by many as Tennessee Williams.

Wikipedia tells me that he was born Thomas Lanier Williams and changed his name to "Tennessee" after his father's birthplace.

I 'met' him, in a sense, through the play A Streetcar Named Desire. [ For it, and another play, he won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Smile ]

Anyway, in keeping with the habits of a passionate reader [ and because my teacher said so ] his poetry was also brought to my attention.

[ That's not to say that I don't find the stage direction in the book to be an example of poetry, or the dialogue, or whatever else, but I just mean one single poem. >>; ]

Anywho, the poem was alluded to [ An allusion is a reference made by one author in his writing to another work. Usually by another author, but in this case, he decided to allude to himself. Lol. ] in A Streetcar Named Desire and went by the name of Lament For The Moths.

Although I do have the biggest urge to, I think I've ranted long enough, so I won't explain the significance between this poem and the book. I'm here to talk about the poem.

First here it is:

A plague has stricken the moths, the moths are dying,
their bodies are flakes of bronze on the carpet lying.
Enemies of the delicate everywhere
have breathed a pestilent mist into the air.

Lament for the velvety moths, for the moths were lovely.
Often their tender thoughts, for they thought of me,
eased the neurotic ills that haunt the day.
Now an invisible evil takes them away.

I move through the shadowy rooms, I cannot be still,
I must find where the treacherous killer is concealed.
Feverishly I search and still they fall
as fragile as ashes broken against a wall.

Now that the plague has taken the moths away,
who will be cooler than curtains against the day,
who will come early and softly to ease my lot
as I move through the shadowy rooms with a troubled heart?

Give them, O mother of moths and mother of men,
strength to enter the heavy world again,
for delicate were the moths and badly wanted
here in a world by mammoth figures haunted!

Alright, now I won't go and interpret the poem because I do believe it is best for anyone and everyone to take a shot at their own interpretation.

It just has that much more significance. (:

But hey, if there is any confusion, drop a line! I'll be happy to help.

And also, go ahead and comment on the poem. D: Honest, I want to hear what y'all think of it. <3's.
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Let the Appreciation Begin!
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