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 Character Sheet: Sin Takai

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PostSubject: Character Sheet: Sin Takai   Character Sheet: Sin Takai I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 20, 2009 4:59 pm

OOC: Hey there guys, I'm Sin. One of the moderators of the Infinite Anime and the creator of the Noc~ <3 I'm a nice guy when you get to know me.

Character Sheet:

Name: TheMaster
Password: ***************

Logging in...

Log In Success...

Accessing Database...█

\Postwar Admin. Bureau Report #6690 /

Name: Takai, Sin
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 123 lbs
Birthday: Jan 20 (Presumed)
Blood Type: Unanalyzable
Race: Humanoid Gear ( Dragon Wolf Genetically Engineered )


Mostly joking around all the time but knows how to be serious when it's needed. Has a very short temper.


Two Crescent Blades made by his late wife that he cherishes like he cherished her, some would even say that her spirit resides in them.

He also uses two modified .44 magnums for long distance fights. The guns each have a silver cross on their handles, their names being "Virtue" and "Judgment"

Main weapons are his claws and fangs.

Wears a black dragon hide vest and baggy camo pants and sometimes a cloak.

Right Auto-Mail Arm: Due to him losing his right arm when he attempted to bring back a close friend of his, his mechanic gave him a Auto-Mail arm, which he modified. The arm also contains shards of the legendary Philosopher's Stone, giving him the ability to ignore the law of equivalent exchange in alchemy, but they don't work all the time.


The Right Takai Eye ( The Right Eye Of Death ) - Gives him the possibility to analyze the energy in the air and bind it to his will, thus instantly forging new types of magic, anything is possible to him, the Spell Weaver.

Left Data Eye: his left eye has a implant in it that allows him to analyze the genetic code of others and the flow and composition of magical energies.
Left Data Eye Overpower: When he focuses extreme amounts of energy into his left eye he is able to read his opponent's moves, making it seem, for him, that the flow of time is slowed.

Master Alchemist: Sin is a Master Alchemist, giving him the ability to transmute.

Spell Weaver: Using his right eye to analyze the flow and composition of magical energies and his Kingdom's bloodline trait Sin can use other's spells against them by altering the magical energy that is used against his and forge a new spell from it. He can also forge new spells in a blink of a eye from his own magical energies.

Genetic Transmutation: Using his alchemical powers he can alter his own genetic structure in order to remove, add or modify his own genes.

Data Drainer: A combination between the Left Data Eye and Genetic Transmutation; it allows him to copy someone's genetic structure and his energy network, thus copying his power.

Dragon Heritage: The blood of the ancient dragon race flows through his veins, he only takes 1/3 of the damage given by spells (Ancient Spells deal full damage since they're the weak point of all dragons) and weapons (Godly Weapons, meaning weapons forged by the gods, semi-gods or their messengers also deal full damage)


He was born as the heir to the throne of the Kingdom Of Ibara, which fell during the war, when he was still young. He was then captured by the enemies of Ibara and brought to a underground facility which wanted to use his royal blood and body as a weapon, so they modified his genetic code, adding genes from wolves and dragons.

After 5 years the experiment was finished and he was re-awakened but something in his mind came back to live also, giving him most of his memories back. When he remembered what happened to his family and kingdom he went berserk and slaughtered most of the scientists that altered his body. After a long time since he escaped, and got rid of those who would seek to harm him or use him as a weapon, he made his home in the forest of Hyetsu, a place where, at that time, nothing but ancient trees and shadows ruled.

He was quite happy in his new home, until he met a girl that came to the forest to gather herbs for her grandmother, but got lost. He helped her find the herbs and find her way back to her home, but was attacked by the villagers, who found him as a threat to their peaceful community. He went back into the forest to hide from his pursuers and since that day the girl, Rose, visited him daily, and step by step they fell in love and got married and had a daughter. A few years after, war broke again and Rose went to war along with his dearly beloved, but fell there. Now he lives alone in his lonely forest, and sometimes even plays the ocarina, a musical instrument that is most dearly to him.

He spent millenniums there, realizing that he never grew old due to his genes, no matter how much time passed, he soon became The Lord of Shadows, recognized by the Shadow Council as the greatest elemental master in the world, due to the fact that he could instantly forge new spells with a thought, which also earned him the nickname of "The Spell Weaver"

Several years have passed and his name was forgotten in the flow of time, until he met his old war friend 'Nereus' who told him that he needs to return to civilization once more and gave him the chance to go with him to "The Gambit's Bar" a place where he could socialize with other people and make new friends. At first he refused the offer under the pretext that he was doing very well by himself and he didn't need so called new friends to slow him down. In truth he didn't want to because he was worried that they might end up hurt because of him. After much persuasion from the man, he finally decided to follow him to 'The Gambit's Bar', the place Nereus told him about. There he made a series of friends and held several battles too, although he lost the will to fight a long time ago, after the second war, something determined him to go on, not give up. He once again opened his old shadow association known as 'The Assassin's Guild' and is currently looking for talented young warriors to take their place among his ranks.

Words Of Wisdom (Preferred Quotes)

Quote :
"I am me and nothing more, and I am proud of what I am."
Said to a lot of people
Quote :
You shouldn't think of me as a monster. I'm just doing what I have to do and make sure that I hurt few, there's no need for innocent blood to be shed.
Said to the Ronnin that attacked the Gambit's Bar completely at random, the last thing the Ronnin heard.
Quote :
Truly if there is evil in this world... It lies within the heart of mankind.
Said often
Quote :
Said VERY often
Quote :
OI! Don't pick on me! I'm a complete idiot when my job doesn't require me to be smart. I'm just cute, fluffy and harmless until you try to hurt me, my friends or try to steal my girl and my car.
Said to Rune Storm
Quote :
Me Big! Me Strong! Me Pee In Plate And No Splash!
Said to a few of his friends as a joke.

\End Of Postwar Admin. Bureau Report #6690 /


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PostSubject: Re: Character Sheet: Sin Takai   Character Sheet: Sin Takai I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 23, 2009 1:44 am

Welcome Takai, glad to have you aboard as well. Lets make this experience a great one, rp and progress! lets create this movement.


Character Sheet: Sin Takai Iy016 Character Sheet: Sin Takai Fireheart176x220


Unf city, give me shout!~ 8D
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Character Sheet: Sin Takai
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