The forum to the IAR (Infinite Anime Room), the infamous Meebo role playing room, here you will find the same type of people, only for those of you who are more suited for a Para type role play.
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 Veril Nightengale

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Veril Nightengale

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PostSubject: Veril Nightengale   Veril Nightengale I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 23, 2009 9:04 pm

Veril Nightengale

Veril Nightengale Anime19

Name: - Veril Nightengale
Age: - Unknown, Veril's body no longer ages... And keeps around the age of 17
Race/Species: - Vampire[Which is why he doesn't remember his age...Vampires don't concern themselves with such] Nether Angel.
Sexual Orientation: - Demisexual
Home: - The Coven
Occupation: - Assassination

:-Physical Appearance-:

:-Eye Colour-: - Silver [[ His eyes seem to change, Varying on his Mood. ]]

:-Hair-: - Snowy White


-|| 6'2 || 150lbs || || Slim || || Muscular ||


- He wears a black diamoned ring that he fashioned himself which was given too him from the woman who blessed him with his Immortality. He has the corner of his lip pierced, and a long cross dangling from his neck

:-Marks of Interest-:

He has a long scar infront of his ear from a Battle that took place in the Coven over a High Warlord trying too claim the powers that remained. He has scars under each of his finger-tips too show that he is a blooded-vampire. He has a scar across both of his eyes... where his eyes got torn out from hurting one of his loved ones... Only recently has he chosen too regrow them... And with his powers alone he can destroy them and remain blinded too the world and all it's beauties. He did this for one reason... And she knows who she is <3


Veril is a very... loving person, He can be very dark and distant at times. But he does not stand around and let others harm someone if they do not deserve too be harmed. He jumps in on battles he has no right in being in. He is very protective over his loved ones, Veril... would do anything for those close too him. He hardly gets angry, more so annoyed than Angry... But he has, and when he has it is not wise to be near him. He loves too try anything, He more-so follows rather than leads. But if the time calls for it he will lead. Veril always gets his kindness mistaken for weakness, He doesn't pick fights with anyone... or fight anyone if they even bring it on themselves. He's more of a social-talk-things-through kind of guy, He believes Violence is not the answer... But there are times, When his rule does not apply.

Veril's history... is very mysterious, He has not shared his past with anyone for a long time. It is not that he doesn't want too reveal anything it is that no one has bothered too ask him. He has travelled probably more than most... [[ I know everyone says that alot... But he has. Definatly. ]] Across the earth and any other domains that are in this Time Existance. Veril has created his own world, and often lives there... he calls his world "The Meadow" because it... speaks for itself. This world resembles that of a peaceful Meadow, with crickets... lily pads, stars that are the only lighting aswell as certain foreign flowers that bloom across the small ponds and lakes across his world. He has not fully discovered it himself. But he does not allow any dangerous animals or beings in his place. He has the one power too enter this world, and can only choose too bring those who deserve it too be brought.
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PostSubject: Re: Veril Nightengale   Veril Nightengale I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 23, 2009 9:17 pm

Oh? Welcome man, yet another vampy o,...,o. Accepted, glad to see you finally came around to making one.

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Unf city, give me shout!~ 8D
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Veril Nightengale
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